Blackstone Exclusive: Q2 Distributable Earnings Rose 3% YoY | Deep-Dive

Blackstone reported a 3% year-over-year increase in distributable earnings for the second quarter, totaling $1.3 billion, despite a mixed performance across its divisions. This modest growth was primarily driven by robust asset sales in its private equity and credit sectors, which helped offset a downturn in real estate. Based in New York, the

Morgan Stanley: Introducing the New Co-Head of Investment Banking

Morgan Stanley has reshuffled its leadership in the investment banking division, appointing Mo Assomull as the new co-head. He joins Eli Gross and Simon Smith at the helm, signaling a strategic push to invigorate the firm’s market presence. Assomull, a seasoned veteran with

Goldman Sachs Exclusive: Trading Unit Powers Surge in Q2 Earnings

Goldman Sachs reported a significant boost in second-quarter earnings, largely driven by its robust trading operations. The firm’s fixed-income and equity traders exceeded expectations, contributing to stronger-than-anticipated results across its Wall Street activities. However, Goldman Sachs saw a

HSBC Exclusive: Investment Banking Unit Revamped to Compete With Rivals

HSBC is revamping its investment banking division to better compete with industry giants like Citigroup Inc. The bank is consolidating its sector teams into five larger groups, aiming to enhance efficiency and focus on key areas such as innovation and sustainability. This strategic shift was revealed

Redwheel Exclusive: $1.4bn ESG-Focused Boutique Ecofin Acquired

Redwheel, a leading London-based fund group, has recently expanded its portfolio by acquiring Ecofin, a firm specializing in sustainable investments, for $1.4 billion. This strategic move is part of Redwheel’s broader initiative to enhance its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) capabilities. Ecofin, which was previously under