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Brookfield Asset Management: Profits Decline and Shares Drop Explained

Brookfield Asset Management has reported a decline in quarterly profits, the first since its separation from its parent company.

Bruce Flatt, CEO of Brookfield. PHOTO: Brookfield/CHRIS YOUNG/THE CANADIAN PRESS
Bruce Flatt, CEO of Brookfield Asset Management. PHOTO: Brookfield/CHRIS YOUNG/THE CANADIAN PRESS

This drop was primarily due to decreased fee revenues in several of its core business segments. The company recorded distributable earnings of $547 million, or 34 cents per share, down from $563 million in the same period last year. The decline was notably influenced by lower fees from vehicles like Brookfield Renewable Partners and Brookfield Property Group.

The firm underwent a strategic shift in late 2022, spinning off from Brookfield Corp to focus more directly on asset management, distancing itself from the volatility of direct real estate holdings. This pivot also included a significant move into the credit sector, now its largest source of fee-bearing capital. In this vein, Brookfield increased its stake in Oaktree Capital Management to 73% and secured a substantial share of fee-related earnings from Castlelake LP.

Despite these strategic expansions, Brookfield’s stock experienced a significant drop, initially falling by as much as 4.8%, before slightly recovering to a near 3% loss, valued at $38.65 mid-morning.

In its efforts to fortify its position in the credit market, Brookfield recently established a credit division under the leadership of Craig Noble. This new arm consolidates the firm’s credit-related activities and is central to its strategic growth. Furthermore, the firm has committed approximately $1.5 billion to Castlelake’s credit strategies, indicating a robust confidence in this sector.

With the overarching goal of managing $1 trillion in assets by 2028, Brookfield ended the quarter with $459 billion in fee-bearing assets. This marks a slight increase from the end of last year and a 6% rise over the past year.

Brookfield’s acquisition strategy has also been aggressive. Notably, its reinsurance division completed the acquisition of American Equity Investment Life Holding Co., adding $50 billion in insurance assets to be managed by its credit unit. Additionally, Brookfield has expanded into new markets such as logistics real estate in the Gulf region and established significant partnerships in the renewable energy sector, including a major agreement with Microsoft Corp.

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