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Mastering Management: The Top 10 MiM Programs Globally

The recent ranking of top Masters in Management (MiM) programs offers not just a list but a glimpse into evolving trends in global business education.


Top 10 Masters in Management. Data provided by Financial Times. Chart by Krugman Insights.

Drawing from the provided data, we unearth some intriguing patterns and insights.

European Dominance in Management Education

Europe clearly stands out, with 8 out of 10 institutions on the list hailing from the continent.

France, in particular, is a stronghold for management education, boasting four schools in the top 10.

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The longstanding academic traditions of France, coupled with its central position in the European business environment, might be factors contributing to its prominence.

Other countries like Switzerland, the UK, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands each have a single representative, underscoring Europe’s diverse and competitive educational landscape.

Masters in Management (MiM) programs are renowned for their comprehensive curriculum that merges academic theory with real-world application.

Typically tailored for recent graduates, these programs cover a broad spectrum of management subjects, emphasize international exposure, and focus on developing soft skills and leadership abilities.

An emphasis on case studies, tech integration, hands-on internships, and rich alumni networks further enhance their appeal, ensuring students are not only industry-ready but also equipped with a global perspective and entrepreneurial mindset.

Salary Surges: Where and Why

At a whopping 93.6% increase, Tsinghua University in China takes the lead.

Such a significant rise might be attributed to China’s booming economy and the rapid industrialization that places a premium on top-tier management education.

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The transition from local to global businesses, especially in Asia, can explain such salary leaps.

On the other hand, European schools, located in mature markets, offer consistent yet varied percentage increases, ranging from 52.44% (University of St.Gallen) to 77.86% (EMLYON).

This variation can be attributed to several factors:

Economic Base Salaries: Countries like Switzerland, known for its high cost of living and competitive salaries, see a comparatively smaller percentage increase.

Network and Opportunities: Schools located in global business hubs like London and Paris can leverage vast networks, offering graduates opportunities at leading global firms and thereby, higher salaries.

Specializations and Focus: Schools like EMLYON, with a focus on entrepreneurship, might be seeing graduates launching startups or joining high-growth businesses, which can lead to substantial salary jumps.

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Deciphering the MiM Value

The decision to pursue a MiM degree should not solely hinge on potential salary increments, although it’s a valid consideration.

These rankings, beyond the numbers, reveal the importance of geographical positioning, course structure, and the economic climate in influencing post-graduation outcomes.


In conclusion, while it’s tempting to focus on the percentage increase in salaries, prospective students should look deeper.

Understanding the nuances of each program, the strengths of its location, and the overall experience it offers will lead to a more informed decision, shaping not just their immediate future but their long-term career trajectory.

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